Introducing ‘Skills For Young Professionals’

Welcome to this new blog, Skills For Young Professionals.

skills_definitionWhy a new blog, and on this topic?

I have been teaching in the college classroom for 36 years.  I’ve taught 10,000 students and worked with several hundreds of  business professors at eight collegiate business schools (note 1).  Somewhere along the way, I discovered that professors aren’t restricted to just delivering content.  Importantly, they have the stage to change student lives for the better.  I started working on my vision for my students upon entering the professional world.

The vision I adopted was that of a mature, independent financial services professional capable of improving his/her part of the world.

A serious problem with attempting to implement this vision is that management, marketing, accounting, finance and economics textbooks focus solely on discipline content.  Nowhere are students made aware of how to develop the skills to become an agent of change in their world.  B-schools assume that students will retain discipline-specific content for years into the professional world, and will be able to figure out how to use it then.  Professional skills?  They’ll pick it up on their own.

It just doesn’t work this way. If we business professors want students to use B-school content later on in the world, we need to teach them skills for using the content we cover.  And if we want our students to be mature, independent and impressive professionals capable of changing the world, we professors need to teach them the necessary skills and how to use them.

I’m talking about the development of professional skills.  These skills include but are not limited to:  a professional’s brand & message, networking, relationship building & nurturing, team building, social marketing, working with a mentor, leadership and professional use of digital era technologies.

I hope this new blog will be an agent of change for young professionals to learn useful professional skills and how to use them.

Welcome aboard.

by  David Albrecht, Ph.D.


  1.  The schools I’ve taught at are:  University of Iowa, Andrews University (Michigan), Virginia Tech, University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill, Bowling Green State University, Concordia College (Minnesota), University of South Carolina Upstate, La Sierra University (California)

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2 responses to “Introducing ‘Skills For Young Professionals’

  1. Congratulations on the new blog, David. I look forward to reading your ideas about skills for your professionals!


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